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Introduction To PokerStars "CRACKED"

Does PokerStars Cheat? Texas Hold'em is an amazing game. It allows you to have many freedoms with virtually any style of play that you choose. Your personality definitely and inevitably comes out on the board. The reality is however that there are only a few playing methods that will ever achieve profitability. Many hold'em players that play often and with the same people can become very predictable. But, itís the best players that are the oneís who always keep you guessing, and they are the ones who consistently win. They change gears continually and unpredictably. Just when you think they are bluffing, they are holding the nuts. Just when you think they have an incredible hand they are holding a hand that isnít worth the ink printed on the cards. After itís all said and done they are the ones holding the chips and you might be the one left holding the bag. poker stars us This book is based on a system that has helped yours truly become highly successful in the world of online holdem. As it turns out the system is strictly for because of the algorithm (shuffling pattern). However, this book can help you become successful in holdem on virtually any online casino. The reason is that I will touch on all points of playing winning holdem. The last part of this book is devoted to gaining an additional edge (a mind blowing edge, good thing you found this book) on PokerStars that to my knowledge you canít get anywhere else!!! poker alliance Did you know that only 5% of all texas holdem players ever make money consistently? I donít say, ďwinĒ money because ďwinĒ implies luck. Yes holdem has some luck, but skill and odds will overcome luck all the time. Feel free to check out the best casino on the web. Pokerstars is a great place to get an initial first time deposit bonus.

Winning gambling is all about having an edge. pokerstars uk If you donít have an edge and you still want to gamble you might as well take your entire bankroll and head to Vegas. pokerstars net Donít waste any time, just hop onto a roulette table and bet the entire amount on ďblackĒ. You almost have a 50/50 chance of winning minus the Houses ďedgeĒ of course and see what happens. pokerstars money At least it would save time for some of the holdem players I have seen. They would get even better odds doing that than they would ever get playing holdem. I donít recommend you do anything like that of course, but itís an interesting point. Winners take educated risks, not blind ones. A winner in Texas Holdem is the one who has the chips and nothing else. Itís not the pots, itís not the ego, it is the chips. No matter what your playing level, there is something in this book that can and will improve your game if properly applied.pokerstars bonus codes Letís learn how to make and keep those chips. poker stars rigged Let me assure you that it is totally possible to make money on without the use of this system. However using sound tight aggressive play coupled with this pattern system can give you an edge unlike no other. This edge can be unparalleled and can make a huge difference in your outcomes. The first part of this book is devoted to bringing you up to par and helping you to become the great online player you should be if youíre not already. pokerstars hack The second part is how to turn Poker Stars algorithm (shuffling pattern) greatly in your favor. poker stars cheat

Get your priorities straight. In my opinion, the ONLY thing that matters in hold'em is winning chips. Check out some great online casinos Itís not singling a player out and having an ego battle. pokerstars reload Itís not losing most hands just to say you were strong enough to stay in. The only winners at the end of any session are the ones who walk away with more chips than they started with! Please do yourself a favor and focus on learning the repeating pattern cycles. The only way to do that effectively is to write down every starting hand you have and keep track of ALL of your wins and losses. pokerstars rigged I strongly recommend doing this on PLAY MONEY FIRST for at least 40 hours. pokerstars hacks It will be time well spent and will really prepare you for REAL MONEY with these new strategies!!!! I must stress that in real life, playing no limit holdem, I would not dream of using some of these strategies. Although, I am not a known professional holdem player, I am definitely good enough to make a great living playing holdem. You are most likely aware (mathematically) of how to properly bet with certain hands in Hold'em. Please remember this book is a strategy to use the flawed algorithm (shuffling pattern) against itself. pokerstars deposit That means sometimes betting on rags (garbage hands), and sometimes placing improper betting amounts. That means this system is SOMETIMES diametrically opposed to real life betting strategies in some situations.

This is just a glimpse of what you will receive with my Ebook. Thousands of copies have already sold. Don't let the competition have an edge over you. We have reveived over 300 testimonials to date. You can and will become a better player with this knowledge. You may also want to check out Cleopatra Poker Machine as it's quite intriguing.

pokerstars cheats Have no fear, because not only does this system work, but you can also test this on play money for as long as it takes, before you get the hang of it. www pokerstars Certain positions, you should gladly lay down even pocket Aces. I know that must sound crazy, but the only way for you to realize those situations is to practice using these strategies. www pokerstars net Most of the time, you are going to want to use sound playing methods, BUT if you want to take advantage sometimes you will not. If you enjoy playing holdem online and have discovered the undeniable level of uncertainty in securing more consistent victories, then please allow me to assure you that NOT everything is random about PokerStars com bonus codes In fact, the only thing that is consistent in online gaming is the fact that it is not always truly random. The cards follow undeniable patterns over and over again. pokerstars cheats In my opinion, this algorithm ensures that online gaming continues to attract and retain the largest percentage of players. Not only could you increase your winnings per session when playing No Limit Texas Hold'em online, but also you could minimize your losses by applying this knowledge. This book can help you win consistently when gambling online, playing ALL TYPES of holdem on ALL TYPES of online casinos. pokerstars rigged After applying the principles in this book you should be much better off and find your way to the top.

On average, an online texas holdem game will move three times as fast as a real stars deposit That means your weaknesses will be magnified three times. That means the rake is three times as much. Of course you're still getting three times as many hands for your money. pokerstars account For some players however, this can be catastrophic. What seems like hours for someone to call a raise may in reality only take seconds in online holdem. It's so easy to get used to this faster type of play, that you can easily lose perspective on the real amount of time passed. pokerstars us To go to a real casino takes planning. For some of you it might entail a flight, for others a lengthy drive. The time that it takes to get to the casino can be very helpful for your mindset because it psychologically forces to give you time to prepare. pokerstars money In an online casino, you can play it right in your own home. What might take an hour or so to get to the local casino or a day or so for some of you, others can get into a Hold'em game online for real money in one minute or less. poker stars cracked You don't have to shower and shave or change your clothes. You simply have to click a few buttons and you're ready to play. There may be no transition of mind set at all. If you're in a bad mood or good mood, happy or sad, you will most likely stay in that mood while you are playing until you have time to adjust. poker stars rigged If it's a mood problem, it might cost you an arm and a leg during that transition. Whenever I am driving to a casino, I typically look in the rearview mirror and smile at myself. I then say, "you're going to win tonight". I do this several times during the drive providing it is safe. In essence I pump and psyche myself up. It's one way I personally prepare for holdem. I have found that when I expect to do well at something I usually do. pokerstars reload If I am angry or have problems on my mind it definitely affects my game and not in a good way.

Distractions will kill your bankroll. There can be 10 times as many distractions from your home as there can be in a real casino. Here is a list of the most common home distractions that should be addressed and dealt with if you expect to play holdem well. The list can go on and on. pokerstars cheats Sometimes it seems like as soon as I escape into the virtual world to play a few hands, I become bombarded by the impossible. My phone rings off the hook. My favorite song is on. poker stars net I remember the movie I wanted to watch is starting on cable. I get a business call. My girlfriend says I don't give her enough attention. cheat My parents call wanting to know when I am going to visit them. The FedEx guy knocks on my door etc. etc. Imagine flopping a nut flush and 4th street pairs the board. You have to analyze your opponent and decide if he has a full boat. Rigged With five other distractions hitting you at once, how are you going to make a good judgment? Even as I am writing these words my puppy (she's a pug) just jumped on my lap and is demanding attention. Do I throw her off my lap? I love animals so I gently put her down on the floor. Now she's staring at me with a sad look on her face and I am beginning to feel guilty. I am glad I am not in a tough hand of holdem right now as it could be just enough of a distraction to make the wrong call. pokerstars reload if you love a smooth drink just like the next guy. Have a couple of those and win a few hands while playing holdem and you'll feel like you're on top of the world. Give it 30 minutes and you can watch your bankroll run for the hills. pokerstars hacks For me texas holdem is so much fun and I live to play it that I never used to think of it as work. The bottom line though, is that if you want to win and win consistently, then you have to treat holdem like your job and treat it with respect. Great Online Players

Holdem Article - Bet Sizing In No Limit Holdem (Part 2)

In part one of this article we took a general look at the concept of bet sizing. Realizing that there are a few factors that always need to be analyzed before choosing an amount to bet. Your goal with the bet, the style of your opponent, and stack sizes, are the main three. Let's look into this a little bit deeper when you have a pokerstars account.

Other influences might start to affect bet size considerations. These are more specific to reading your opponents. A quick example. You might have AA with six people to act after you. Normally, you might raise 3 or 4 times the blinds, and hope for some action.

The table that you're playing at is extremely loose. The chance of getting a lot of callers is very high at this table. AA from early position can get into trouble against multiple opponents. So in this case you need to raise even more. At this table you will still get a call especially when you are on www pokerstars.

Another example of bet sizing for a particular opponent is when you suspect he is on a draw. Some players just can't resist chasing. These guys will call your pot-sized bets when on the draw. It hurts when the hit, but in the long run, you make out like a bandit. Others need a more accurate bet to get them to make a smaller mistake.

Many players will not invest one dime more if they miss the flop. You can bet the minimum every time against the pokerstars hacks, and know where you stand if they call. The beauty of this is when they miss, they always fold. When they have something, and call or raise, you know it and can act accordingly. Often your minimum raise can be a disguise when you have hit the flop big. Get a pokerstars account.

When this guy finally has a hand, he will come back at you hard expecting a fold. When you have the goods you can stack him. pokerstars hack So, against this opponent you can win when you miss the flop, fold after a small tester when he hits, and take him out when you both have something.

The opposite is the guy who bets at everything, and won't let go. When you have big hands pre-flop, you need to go after this guy hard. Making the kind of re-raise that takes away his implied odds. He will pay you trying to hit his set, even though when he does, he won't get paid enough.

With AK, against this type of style, you might just call and see the flop. This will disguise your hand, and you can fold easier when you miss the flop. Another way to handle this guy is to simply push all in with the AK. www pokerstars If he always calls you will have him many times, and be in a coin toss most of the rest of the time. This last method of the pokerstars hack attack keeps the decisions simpler against this wild aggressive type of player.

I'll finish my thoughts with a couple of good general truths about bet sizing. First, when bluffing, bet the smallest amount that you think will get the fold. This might seem pretty obvious, but it will save you money. Poker Articles Reading the table is key to finding the bet sizes that get you maximum results. Good luck at the tables and beating Pokerstars.


Articles and Content Online Games Have Plenty of Fish

You've probably already come across, the world's largest poker site. To maximize your potential returns, it would be prudent to utilize a pokerstars marketing code during the registration process, as this will help garner a $50 bonus. Upon downloading the software, you will want to order the Poker Stars Cracked ebook to attain tips, graphs, charts and strategies concerning how to maximize your gains at Texas Holdem. If you are not satisfied with this product we will offer you a 100% money back guarantee. Between the bonus and the tips contained within our product, you should be well on your way to a profitable career in online poker! For an independent look check out this pokerstars review which should help you decide to play there or not.

Picking a great poker site is very important for online poker success. You need to make sure you play at a site with good rewards and easy competition. Read these reviews of poker sites to learn more about each online poker room. After picking one from that list, you'll be at the perfect site for continued success.

Playing poker at poker rooms can be fun and exciting but so can playing poker such as video poker alone just you vs. the online casino at top rated casinos.

Purchase the e-book and read it over thoroughly. Then, take the techniques you get from it and immediately put them into action. Keep track of your play and you will be shocked at the results. Regardless of your results if within 7 days (1 week) of REALLY using the system you determine that the ideas we taught you did not increase your winnings and profits, you can get a refund.

The Truth About Online Poker

Online Poker rooms such as PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, Party Poker, Absolute, Ultimate Bet, Titan, Bodog, and ALL others are guilty of a very dirty little secret.

I'll try to keep this short and sweet and I promise you that if you read carefully, you will NEVER want to play online poker again without this knowledge.

The first online poker room came around in 1998 known as Planet Poker. Here it is 11 years later and with all of the technological advances with computers, there is still a very big problem.

Would you believe that the public sector does NOT posess the ability to randomly shuffle a 52 card deck of playing cards?

As of this update, October 25th, 2009 we are just starting to see the emergence of 64 bit technology with Windows 7... and XP 64 and Vista 64 both have launched as well.

Even with 128 bit processing power (which doesn't exist to the public yet), it is only possible to get 1/1 trillionth of 1% of the possible outcomes when it comes to shuffling a 52 card deck.

This is because there are quadrillions of quadrillions of possible outcomes from shuffling a deck of cards.

So what does this mean? Is online poker rigged?

Without some special programming it would be very possible to determine (crack) the programs shuffling outcomes.

Because the shuffling and possible hand outcomes are limited, the programmers have had to come up with some creative solutions. Unfortunately, these creative solutions really do NOT have your best interests in mind.

It comes down to something called "equitable distribution". This means that every player has a fair chance to equally win an even number of pots. Sounds good in theory but it also means that if you get too many good starting hands in too short a period of time, the shuflling porgram (algorithm) will FORCE your good hands like AA KK AKs to flat out LOSE.

As a matter of fact, if you win too many pots in a short amount of hands in online poker, your future "decent" starting hands will ALSO be forced to LOSE as well.

How many times do you get in a hand with a decent pocket pair like TT and some ***HOLE calls your raise with 93s and proceeds to mop the floor with you?

Have you ever seen multiple 4 of a kinds, a royal flush, and a straight flush within one hour of playing? I have.

A recent study of 250,000 hand histories from a "I won't say which one" online poker room, found that flushes occurred 50% more than they should have and full houses occurred 35% more than they should have.

In fact, if you had not witnessed these bad beats with their frequency, you would not have done a search to find this website in the first place.

The algorithms do some nasty things. They match up good starting hands more frequently. This makes the game seem more fun, FORCES ACTION, and of course gives every player the adrenelin boost we all enjoy.

They then divy up winning hands based on each players win percenatges which means more rake and more porfits.

This bugs me so much , and it is why wrote a book about it.

And for those ding nobs that say "well, that's poker" I say they are ingorant fools. Yes, poker has suckouts, yes poker has bad beats, yes poker has some frequency of luck, yes, poker is 5 times fatser online than in real life meaning you see 5 times the action, BUT being forced to lose hands because you won too many is outright bull****.

Poker is hard enough as it is. You have to know your players, know their tendencies, know the math, odds, expected value, etc. etc..

Yes, you can track your play and improve your game and finally become profitable. If you have the tenacity for tracking the wins and losses, you can do really well in online poker!